Swirl hat

Swirl hat

OK I started the Baby Swirl hat over again… and managed to finally finish it in a size that will fit Chanler!!!! Hallelujah!!!!

For the record here are the “changes” I made to the original pattern to fit my 5.5 year old’s 20.5 in head

Hook size: K
Yarn: Bulky weight
First Chain:46 (for a working length of 45)
Total rows: About 60

I am not totally pleased with how the seam turned out, and had to crochet a patch at the top because I couldn’t gather all the rows together into a small enough circle to make my kid happy (he was freaked out there was a hole in the top of his hat) , but other than that it is done and Chanler is happy to have it. I have to say the key to finally making it work was being obsessive about counting the stitches to make sure I wasn’t dropping any. Once I decided to be manic about counting the rest was easy (ish)

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