Life and stuff like it . . .

Finally managed to start (and finish) a major project.

The downstairs bathroom has been largely unusable since we moved in and was going to be a our first big project.  Just took a little longer to figure out how to get it done that I expected. Oh well, at least it is finished now.  The kids are really enjoying having a bathtub again!

3 months later

Finally finished


It’s official – We’ve moved

Now to settle in an start a project list.

Basically I have none.  We have a 1200+ sq. ft. house and yet all of my children are within arm’s reach (arm’s reach even if I had T-Rex arms)

Why?? Why must you be so close?? Is it some sort of competition??

I haven’t broken down into tears in over 24 hours!!! Maybe things are settling down on the hormone front…

It was a close race, but our baby girl beat out even the bedroom furniture. Our second daughter arrived at 7:54am and the bedroom set didn’t make it until 12:07pm! The couches are nowhere in sight (sigh)

Apparently we are going to have a race to see which comes first… the baby or the furniture (2 couches or 1 bedroom set.) I am kinda pulling for the couches, but that may just be because I am tired of sitting on the ones we have now…

Camping in the "cold"

We went camping with some friends over the weekend. Tried out Henry Cowell SP in Felton CA.

Things we liked:
Near Roaring Camp (cool steam trains)
Ranger activities for the kids

What we didn’t like
NO Alcohol policy (didn’t really matter much to me this time)
it was wet, damp and cold (although not really the park’s fault – just bizarre weather!)

Overall we had a very nice time. The kids played well together, the trains were cool to look at, the food was yummy, the bathroom wasn’t too far…

I do have to say that camping is more challenging than I expected being pregnant. It is so easy to forget to do the routine things that keep my functioning (vitamins, exercises for my back, etc.) and the air mattress and walking outside to the bathroom in the middle of the night are NOT fun!

We’ll see if we make it to our planned trip in September?!?!?!

PS Thanks to Dirk I am seriously paranoid about poison ivy now. Had to google all about it when we got home and would really rather just burn all the possibly contaminated items (i.e all our clothes) rather than deal with them!

ETA: As of a few days after getting back we have only one possible poison ivy manifestation (on Chanler’s forehead at the hairline), but he claims it doesn’t itch or hurt and it is the size of a pencil eraser… guess we got off lucky.