I haven’t broken down into tears in over 24 hours!!! Maybe things are settling down on the hormone front…

It was a close race, but our baby girl beat out even the bedroom furniture. Our second daughter arrived at 7:54am and the bedroom set didn’t make it until 12:07pm! The couches are nowhere in sight (sigh)

just don’t got the way I wanted.

I could hardly believe we made it to 11/11 after all the contractions (starting 10/30) but here we are and we missed it!!!! I am disappointed to say the least, but it is hard to explain to anyone just how much or why…

I feel like we tried everything reasonably available (even had my first acupuncture treatment after hearing about a friends results with induction via that treatment – NOTHING for me) and it just wasn’t the right time.

I guess this is yet another moment of God teaching me I am NOT in control and to just get over myself. It is a lesson I apparently need hammered into my head at every possible occasion.

Now I have no more “favorite” dates left and I am just tired of being pregnant. Hope to meet this baby REALLY SOON!

Apparently we are going to have a race to see which comes first… the baby or the furniture (2 couches or 1 bedroom set.) I am kinda pulling for the couches, but that may just be because I am tired of sitting on the ones we have now…

My midwife just called and has a family emergency and won’t be available for the next 12 hours… she has back ups, but Oh boy I am trying to be calm! Not happy, but what can you do?

Yes today is my “EDD” or “estimated due date” and yes the baby isn’t here yet – big surprise!

I have to say it has been very interesting talking to people this week. Please love to ask a pregnant women when she is due, but when you answer “today” or any day with 2-4 days of when you are talking to them you get nearly the same reaction. Shock, surprise, and (what looks to me like) hidden concern that you are going to shoot a baby out at them or get amniotic fluid on their shoes… I fluctuate between amused and annoyed by these reactions.

It is funny, at the beginning of each (of at least the 2nd and 3rd) pregnancies I expected to go past my due date and was totally fine with it. It was such a long time away that a few days didn’t seem like anything. The part I find funny is that as I approached 36 weeks (a few weeks ago) I started thinking (yet again) “maybe this time I will have this baby early.”

What is it about late pregnancy that makes me think that I could go into labor at any moment?
I have had 2 pregnancies so far go days past the “due” date and there is no indication that this time will be any different, but somehow I can’t help but think – “maybe this time”

10/20/2010… Would have been a fine birth date too… AND it was inside the home birth window… Guess we are crossing the legs until November