Mommy Stuff

Basically I have none.  We have a 1200+ sq. ft. house and yet all of my children are within arm’s reach (arm’s reach even if I had T-Rex arms)

Why?? Why must you be so close?? Is it some sort of competition??

I’m sitting here with a sick baby attached to me and thinking about all the things I’m not getting done. 

Things I’ve started or thought of starting today, but haven’t:
Cleaning the down stairs bathroom
Checking the emergency food from the car
Sweeping the dining room
Putting the Christmas boxes away
Making lunch (we did eat eventually)
Going to the bathroom (OK technically I did finish this one, but about an hour later than I wanted to and with a crying baby the whole time)

These things, and a thousand more, run around in my head making me stressed out.  I SHOULD be able to do them, I hear myself say, but it just isn’t happening.  I’m trying really hard to give myself grace and remember the value of holding a sick baby and helping him feel as good as he can.  I’m trying really hard to not feel like I’m failing.

Why is it that just when I start to think, even for a single moment, that I have things well in hand and under control that that is the moment something hits the floor (literally) – and usually it is either a bodily fluid or food… sigh.

1) Thank God for nursing toddlers!!!!!
2) Hormones and emotions don’t mix well!
3) I need to remember that it is only day 3 and I don’t need to be able to “do” everything today!

1) The naming of babies is a difficult matter (“it isn’t just one of your holiday games”)

2) I think I am entirely made up of worn out rubber bands (which until recently were at least stretched tight around something like a balloon… now they are just a pile uselessness!)

Today was a most frustrating day!

I made tuna melts for lunch, which is something the kids usually like. We sat down to lunch around 12:15ish… and Jessaleigh decided after putting the first bite in her mouth that she didn’t like it. Spit out said bite and started screaming. Now in this house we have a few rules surrounding meals/food/eating (I try not to have too many, but there have to be some guidelines…) One is “if it went into your mouth it doesn’t come out.” (this rule actually came about because Jessaleigh has a history of spitting things out and then throwing a fit about it.) So I put my foot down and said that Jessaleigh needed to eat THAT ONE BITE before she could have other food, get down from the table, etc. Remember this was her FIRST bite of lunch…

Fast forward to 5:45pm when Scott got home and spent 15 more minutes convincing her to finally eat the one bite literally 2 minutes before we sat down to dinner.

I don’t understand why sitting at the table for 5+ hours is better than eating one bite of food… I just don’t get it.