Rants & Quotes


It is apparently time for the annual ant invasion – Grrrrr. Of course there isn’t much to find (now that I am emptying the garbage twice a day), so they just wander all around. So far their favorite destination is in between two of the cabinets in the kitchen and when I say between I mean in the space where you can’t get because it is the outside of one cabinet pushed up against the outside of another cabinet.

I just hate ants. I have had the creepy crawlies all week. I hate the heat is makes them come inside!!!!! Grrr

I have recently decided that we (as a family) should really not be supporting China. I do not agree with their government and I don’t think that they make good (read safe) products.

So, I decided to pull out all our toys to see where everything was from. 80%+ was made in China. YIKES. Scott got me to conceded that we shouldn’t just chuck everything because it was made in China, but that we could going forward not buy stuff (mostly toys) made there. I on the other hand got him to conceded that we should replace all of our “baby” toys (read things that will end up in Jessaleigh’s mouth that would be OK except for where they where manufactured – i.e. not choking hazards etc.)

Now I am on the quest for non-China teething toys. It is a very difficult thing to find! So far, none of the “big box stores” have anything. I have founds 2 brands in a specialty toy store, but man are they expensive. I need to go check out online, because I am sure to find tons of stuff there, although it may still be ueber expensive. I guess that really is the price we pay for our convictions.

Why are people so inclined to judge/compare people and their choices? Maybe it is just me, if so don’t bother reading on, I will just ramble for a bit.

Why do we (collectively) feel the need to have everyone make choices similar to ours and why do we get upset/offended when people don’t???

I do this (more than I would like to admit).

Now I can rationalize some choices and say things like “their choices were right for them,” but there are some things that I just cannot accept (no I am not going to out all of my prejudices here – sorry I wouldn’t want to alienate all my *3* readers) There have been times when I have had a physical reaction to hearing or reading about someones life/parenting choices. Why are these feelings so strong? Maybe I would be a happier/better person if I could care less about what other people do with themselves? What do you think?

That the only time my child wants to cuddle with me is:
1) 4 hours after bed time
2) When he has a fever over 101
3) After half an hour of tantruming
4) In the middle of the night

I know it is a personality thing, but sometimes I wish he would just snuggle with me without it being a special occasion. Although I guess when he does cuddle now – it is memorable.

OK I realize that Daylight Savings Time is not the norm and that I should just be grateful for having it at all, BUT

Why did it have to end? We were just getting into a nice pattern where Chanler wouldn’t wake up until between 7:30 and 8:30am (I also know it could be much worse, but lets not go there.) This seems like a reasonable time to a tired parent like myself. Now (one day post time change) he is in my bed at 6:30am and flopping, patting, talking, and generally keeping everyone from finishing their night of sleep.

I can’t wait for the days to get shorter, if only for the mornings to be dark again.

I HATE ANTS!!!!!! I hate them, I hate them, I hate them.
Let me explain why . . .
1) We have the dumbest ants on planet earth. I squish at least 15 ants a day at this point, but they are all just wandering around (on the carpet, on the play table, on the chair, in the bathroom, on the TV) randomly. It isn’t like they have found something good and called all their friends. Nope they are just singly wandering around the whole house (every where except the kitchen – go figure).

2) Did you know ants will plant aphids for you??? That’s right – I went to Sacramento for a week to help my SIL with her new baby and when I got back – damn ants had planted aphids in my chives and they are now totally infested (and spreading to the rest of the garden). Of course when I went to the store to get ladybugs (a natural predator of aphids) everyone tells me they are no longer in season and I will have to use some chemical method. I am just so not looking forward to dealing with aphids!!! damn ants!

3) Just thinking about the ants in my house gives me the creepy crawlies all over!

4) Chanler has become something of an ant alarm. Any time Chanler says there is an ant – you can be sure there is. He is somewhat afraid of them and will NOT go near them or deal with them himself. Usually he come running (and shrieking) to me wanting me to squish it and pick him up.

I feel like that is ALL I have been blogging lately. I realize I know a lot of people (at least 12 at last count) who are having babies in 2007, but April is feeling a bit packed!

Oh well, the world needs more cute babies around. Now one of them where just mine, it would all be different. I guess I will have to be content being an adopted auntie and stealing baby time.

From an email . . .

“Some people are like slinkies…they’re not really good for anything, but
they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of
— (anonymous)