There is currently one (probably the only one) reason I think a hospital birth might be preferable to a home birth… Paper work! ┬áThe annoyance of registering for a birth certificate and SSN are nearly enough to tip the balance (not really, but I am SO over government agencies changing policy and/or just not being “able” to use common sense.) ┬áHoping that Conrad will get all his identifying documents before he goes to college!

So far (knocking on wood) today is shaping up better than yesterday…
1. No major injuries (yet.)
2. Everyone actually got to eat lunch
3. I have groceries being delivered (yes I finally succumbed to instacart, but at least I got my first order with free delivery)

Here’s hoping tomorrow is even better than today

Scott went back to work today… The day went pretty well until this happened.


So much for feeling one handed.  Now I’m zero handed.