Scott has been on a business trip to Switzerland for 3 days. So far we are hanging in ok. We video call, txt, pray for, and generally talk about what daddy is doing right now all day long. The thing that breaks my heart the most is when Jessaleigh says (everyday at least twice) “is tomorrow the day daddy is coming home?? We have 4 more bedtimes until he will be here to give hugs and each time she asks I almost want to cry.

…in the van than we did in the MDX”

1. There is no Yakama rack on the roof
2. We have two boxes of wood that would never have fit in the MDX
3. We packed EVERYTHING possible (2 coolers, boating box, screen canopy, scooters, etc)

At least we can still see the kids…

Probably should have gotten then naked again this year… Ah well what’s a little more laundry.

While driving on I-5 I saw a large sign on a building that read “cat boarding”. Now most people would think of a veterinarian who keeps (boards) animals. That isn’t what first popped into my head…

“Cat boarding is that like water boarding only with different??”

Of course Scott wanted to know if cat boarding would be done With or To cats… Good question.