Car Seat Bankruptcy – the end

I think we are finally on the tail end of the “car accident that wasn’t” We have gotten:

  • the checks for our car seats
  • the car door repaired
  • the reimbursement for the rental car (while they were fixing the door for 10 days!)
  • bought the new car seats and installed them

The only remaining this I know of is getting our deductible back – who knows how long that will take.

On the car seat front
Jessaleigh is now in a Britax Boulevard. I am not entirely sure she likes it! She is very particular about the webbing harness straps not touching her skin, which makes it critical how you buckle her. My only other complained about the seat is the very small “comfort pads” at the neck. It is nearly impossible to keep them in place and protect all of her neck.

Chanler is now in a Britax Frontier. He has only had it for one day, but here are my first impressions.
It also has very small neck pads (way too small!), the straps annoy me (the buckles get lost at the bottom of the seat), the seat bottom is very long (Chanler can’t bend his knees), it has NO working cup holder (which was a great feature of his last seat) and the arm rest are a joke. Still trying to convince myself that this is the right seat. All the things I dislike about it are cosmetic, the reasons we choose this seat over getting the old one again were safety related and I still think they are valid. I just wish the cosmetic things were better. *sigh*

Some useful links if ever you need to replace your car seats!

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  1. Did you look at the Graco Nautilus by any chance? I think I’m going to get that for Micah, but I haven’t gotten to look at it yet.


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