Why are people so inclined to judge/compare people and their choices? Maybe it is just me, if so don’t bother reading on, I will just ramble for a bit.

Why do we (collectively) feel the need to have everyone make choices similar to ours and why do we get upset/offended when people don’t???

I do this (more than I would like to admit).

Now I can rationalize some choices and say things like “their choices were right for them,” but there are some things that I just cannot accept (no I am not going to out all of my prejudices here – sorry I wouldn’t want to alienate all my *3* readers) There have been times when I have had a physical reaction to hearing or reading about someones life/parenting choices. Why are these feelings so strong? Maybe I would be a happier/better person if I could care less about what other people do with themselves? What do you think?

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  1. OMG. You are totally talking about me, aren’t you?

    I think the secret is remembering that everyone is doing what they think is the best job. And every single situation is different. I think the parenting choices are the toughest prejudices to get over. Just think about how different you raise your kids from they way you or Scott was raised – everyone does things a little differently.

    Overall I take the attitude that if the parents truly LOVE their children, and are honestly trying to do the best things for them – who am I to judge? I only get on my high-horse when I feel someone is being neglectful, or not taking the job very seriously.


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