Freakin’ Ants

I HATE ANTS!!!!!! I hate them, I hate them, I hate them.
Let me explain why . . .
1) We have the dumbest ants on planet earth. I squish at least 15 ants a day at this point, but they are all just wandering around (on the carpet, on the play table, on the chair, in the bathroom, on the TV) randomly. It isn’t like they have found something good and called all their friends. Nope they are just singly wandering around the whole house (every where except the kitchen – go figure).

2) Did you know ants will plant aphids for you??? That’s right – I went to Sacramento for a week to help my SIL with her new baby and when I got back – damn ants had planted aphids in my chives and they are now totally infested (and spreading to the rest of the garden). Of course when I went to the store to get ladybugs (a natural predator of aphids) everyone tells me they are no longer in season and I will have to use some chemical method. I am just so not looking forward to dealing with aphids!!! damn ants!

3) Just thinking about the ants in my house gives me the creepy crawlies all over!

4) Chanler has become something of an ant alarm. Any time Chanler says there is an ant – you can be sure there is. He is somewhat afraid of them and will NOT go near them or deal with them himself. Usually he come running (and shrieking) to me wanting me to squish it and pick him up.

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