Scott went back to work today… The day went pretty well until this happened.


So much for feeling one handed.  Now I’m zero handed.

The kids were begging for sushi for lunch! They must be CA grown. 0

Waiting for an OR to become available for Jessaleigh. 0

Scott has been on a business trip to Switzerland for 3 days. So far we are hanging in ok. We video call, txt, pray for, and generally talk about what daddy is doing right now all day long. The thing that breaks my heart the most is when Jessaleigh says (everyday at least twice) “is tomorrow the day daddy is coming home?? We have 4 more bedtimes until he will be here to give hugs and each time she asks I almost want to cry.

Happy New Year! 0

Hanging out at the Maker Faire 0

Monumental to-do list 0

Why is it that just when I start to think, even for a single moment, that I have things well in hand and under control that that is the moment something hits the floor (literally) – and usually it is either a bodily fluid or food… sigh.