Leave a Message for Chanler

We thought it would be nice to give friends and family (yes, that’s you!) a chance to leave a message for our baby. Ok, so maybe Chanler won’t be reading them for awhile, but we will enjoy doing so 😉


  1. GrandMama

    Hi Kiddo,
    I put “Male” in the baby pool, but I had a dream yesterday where you were a girl!

  2. Grandpa

    Just remember that our Lord loves you more than your parents, cuz He created you.

  3. Jason Gallagher

    Hey little baby. It’s ok to come out now, I promise. Your parents can’t wait to see you! Neither can we ;-). See you soon.
    The Gallaghers

  4. GrandMama

    Chanler, we are so glad you’ve come out into the world. We waited so long to meet you, and now you are here, a perfect baby boy. We can’t wait to watch you grow and to tell you the Good News about our Lord and Savior. Do you know that God has a perfect plan for your life? Well, He does!

  5. Manoshi

    Congratulations!! This is awesome news! I was starting to getting a little worried when I didn’t hear from you after Wed and calling your cell phone took me to voice mail. But we met Nevin yesterday and he filled us in. I see you’ve had time to update the web page so things must be going ok! You won’t believe Ryan had his baby early – yesterday Mar 5th – Trevor. What are the odds of both babies in the group in the same week!
    Congratulations again and take care, Manoshi.

  6. Liz Wasinger

    Congrats to Scott and Jesse and welcome to the world little Chanler, you are such a cutie!

  7. Stasia

    He is a miracle! Congratulations! I am looking forward to meeting the little one in person.

  8. Sharon

    Hi, Little Chanler,
    I’m so happy you are here and I know you will give your parents lots of love and they will love you.

  9. Suzane & Morgan

    Dear Jesse and Scott,

    Congratulations on the birth of your son. I was happy to hear mom baby and dad were doing well.

    Best Wishes,

    Suzanne and Morgan

  10. Ally & Cosmin

    Hi Jesse & Scott,

    I’m sure you’re not checking email, but we wanted to
    congratulate you on
    your healthy baby boy!!! We enjoyed all the pictures on your
    for posting them so we can share in Chanler’s arrival. He’s a
    little bundle! May God always bless your family always!

    Please let us know if we can help in any way. Know that we’ll be
    thinking of
    you and keeping you all in our prayers.

    Ally & Cosmin

  11. Margery Shapiro

    Chanler looks very sweet — I’m thrilled for you guys!! I just stumbled across your old email with the link to the website and thought I’d take a look and THERE HE IS!!!

    Hope your labor and delivery were bearable and I’d love to hear how you’re doing etc.

    Love to all,


  12. David Zittlow

    We are glad to hear that Chanler arrived healthy and is doing well.
    Congratulations to you and Scott. And we do look forward to seeing you when you visit.

  13. Nancy Correia

    Congratulations on your new little boy! When you have a chance (and if you want to) you should bring him by. If not, we could always do lunch.

    Take care and enjoy the most precious thing in life (your son).


  14. Hey Chanler,

    Congratulations to your parents, they did a great job!! Just one thing though for the future: my birthday is March 4 as you know so you better not get too drunk on your bday so that you can celebrate mine with me 🙂

    See you soon,
    Jeremie (and Lisa)

  15. Andy Koglin

    Scott and Jesse,
    Congratulations on your new addition. I bet you guys are so excited and probably very tired. I hope that you guys enjoy every minute of this, and I pray that God will guide you as you try to tackle this job of parenting. Lean on Him always.
    Your cousin,

  16. GrandMommy

    Hi Chanler!
    How did you like Easter? Things will be more fun as you get older. Did you know your Mommy had a birthday? I hope you were a good boy for her!

  17. GrandMommy

    Hi Chanler,
    I love you, little baby.
    Love, GrandMommy

  18. GrandMommy

    My son, obey your father’s commands, and don’t neglect your mother’s teaching. Keep their words always in your heart. Tie them around our neck. Wherever you walk, their counsel can lead you. When you sleep, they will protect you. When you wake up in the morning, they will advise you. For these commands and this teaching are a lamp to light the way ahead of you. The correction of discipline is the way to life.

    Proverbs 6:20-23 NLT

  19. Uncle Andy

    Hey Chandler,
    It’s been so much fun seeing you get bigger through your pictures. I bet your mom and dad are so happy. Walk with the Lord always and He will guide your steps.
    Uncle Andy


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