A hero is a person who tries to make a difference, even when everyone else thinks all hope is lost. Being a hero means putting the needs of others before your own.Being a hero means sacrifice. -The End of Infinity by Matt Myklush.

1 Playing baseball.

2 Playing with your friends.

3 Going to the park.

4 Reading a book.

5 Drawing.

6 Playing with your brother and sisters.

7 Playing with balloons.

8 Building legos.

9 playing with Nerf guns.

10 Getting presents.

This is an obstacle course for Steve to run through while being chased by a spider and a zombie.  First Steve has to climb over the obstacle, but he can’t jump it because it is more than one block high, so he has to build an elevator block to get up, but the spider can just climb up… Then he has to run across the bridge and jump the water hazard.  Then he climbs up the ladder and has to light the TNT to stop the spider from climbing.  Then he has to jump his chest so he doesn’t get exploded by the TNT.  All that and he’s ever even seen ANW.


The Dragon

Once upon a time there was a dragon. He was a good dragon. He had two keepers. Their names were Chanler and Conrad. The dragon was a baby but he was as big as a tree. Chanler and Conrad liked to ride their dragon. The dragon’s name was Star. The end.

The stupid princess.

Once upon a time there was a princess. Her name was Who Was That. She lived with a old man who called himself king. The old man’s name was Donkey.

The second story

If you have read the first story you will remember Conrad and if you did not you should read the other story first. This is Conrad. he is a baby as I told you before. He likes to be held like all babies.

Once there was a little boy and his name was Conrad. Conrad is a baby.

Read more about Conrad in the next story. See ya next time.