Funny Things he says

This is an obstacle course for Steve to run through while being chased by a spider and a zombie.  First Steve has to climb over the obstacle, but he can’t jump it because it is more than one block high, so he has to build an elevator block to get up, but the spider can just climb up… Then he has to run across the bridge and jump the water hazard.  Then he climbs up the ladder and has to light the TNT to stop the spider from climbing.  Then he has to jump his chest so he doesn’t get exploded by the TNT.  All that and he’s ever even seen ANW.


Chanler: “Daddy, can we listen to the instruments on the radio?”

me: “Sure Chanler, you want to listen to the classical station?”

Chanler: “Yes . . . pause . . . or you can call it KFC.”

When I get big and strong like my Uncle David, I am going to lift up the horse over to where the zebras are so they can visit, because I am going to be bigger and stronger than you Daddy.

Fashion editor

Chanler says this morning after Jessaleigh was finished being dressed
“Ooh oh, she has a spinning dress”

And really she does… He cracks me up.

Chanler also let Jessaleigh pick out his outfit this morning… quite a look, but he wouldn’t pick anything else.

During spaghetti dinner (after about an inch of parmesan cheese had already been put on his plate) Chanler says “can I have more cheeeeese pleeeese?”. When our response wasn’t immediate he says

“I’m the cheesemeister”

The other night while going to bed, Chanler told me a story:

When I grow up, I want to drive a semi truck. I will find the owners of the semi truck, and give them lots of quarters, and they will give me the semi truck. Then I will put furniture in the back and drive it a really long way. But Daddy, I want you to be the passenger so that if I get scared from all the noises coming in the window, you can help me. Then I can take the semi truck back to the owners and they will give me my quarters back. That is my story that I told to you!

I have mentioned on Jessaleigh’s Blog that one of the things she does is try to sit up (crunch) anytime she is even slightly inclined.

Today after having lunch with Scott at Cisco I got the kids buckled up in the car. I was concerned because it was close to nap time and I thought Jessaleigh might fall asleep in the car and try to not nap. Here is the conversation that took place after we had been driving for a few minutes:

Me: Chanler are Jessaleigh’s eyes open?
Chanler: Yes. She is trying to sit up *giggles*
M: Yup she does that a lot.
C: Mommy, why does she has such strong muscles?
M: (trying to explain how muscles get stronger) Well, every time she uses her muscles they get a little bit stronger until they are strong enough to do what she wants . . .
C: AND, because she gets lots of nursies!!!

Nice to know my son will be supportive of breastfeeding later in life.

Now Chanler has been out to eat a Chinese places where you get a fortune cookie a few times and even lately he has gotten to eat some of the cookies.

Tonight we went out to Indian food with some friends from out of town. I was actually pleased with how much Chanler ate (not really liking spicy food) as a side note. When the check came Chanler blurts out “there’s no cookies” loud enough for people at the next table to hear. He sounded so disappointed too. Made everyone laugh!