Chanler designed a couple of roller coasters at the Tech Museum, here they are for you to enjoy. Hold on to your lunch!

Chanler decided that he wanted to learn how to solder, so we got him a kit from the Maker Shed to learn on.

I think he did a very good job on the soldering, it looks neat and very well done, especially considering it was his first go at it – not too much solder, not too little.



He seems pretty pleased with the result!


And here it is in action – Chanler’s Ultimate Useless Machine:

(Video to come shortly)

Chanler was taking photos one after another, and I started to wonder if I could channel that somehow, since I find it a little annoying (cause it seems pointless and all – such an adult I am). Since he had seen a stop motion video recently, and seen a movie where they did special effects by clipping out sections of the movie reel, I started talking to him about stop motion movies, and he was pretty interested.

We talked about some things that he would want to make a video of, and after we worked through the problems of the things needing to be able to stay still while you take pictures (i.e. no flying without strings, cannot take pictures of things that happen too quickly), he decided on the below two ideas.

(To be fair, he was inspired by a video that we watched on how to make a Lego man move, but he totally did the execution, all I did was keep the base steady so it did not move (much) as he took the minifig off the base.

And Chanler rolls over! 4 months and 27 days old, and he rolled over for the first time, and then . . . the second!

I should note that he has been rolling front to back for quite some time, albeit usually much to his surprise, but this is the first back to front roll. He has been working up to it for the last week or so, doing a lot of rolling onto his side, then he slept a lot more than usual yesterday, getting ready for the big push today.