Jessaleigh rolled over tonight!!!!!!

I put her on the bed tummy down and she rolled herself over to her back. Now with Chanler we weren’t particularly impressed with the direction of rolling (front to back as opposed to back to front) because he stared doing it at 3 weeks.

Chanler’s Method of rolling front to back:
1) Push your head up as high as possible (the first step to all of Chanler’s methods)
2) Wait until one of your arms gives out
3) When said arm gives out swiftly roll to that side and look amazed

Jessaleigh’s Method:
1) Scooch forward while leaving your arm stationary. This will eventually get your arm under your body.
2) Continue scooching until you have your shoulder beginning to follow your pinned arm
3) This is where it gets tricky – keep scooching although you will loose traction on the leg opposite to the pinned arm.
4) Kick said leg into the air as high can
5) With the combination of scooching and kicking you will eventually roll over.

Our kids are amazingly different even at this age!

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  1. Nicole

    Your descriptive details crack me up! I could totally picture, not only the resepctive children acting it out, but your voice as you narrated it.

    You’re so cool.


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