While reading a story with a bear who says “vamoose” to a mouse…

Jessaleigh had to wear her purple baby doll carrier because I was wearing Blythe in my purple baby carrier. After she complained about her baby doll (one with eyes that close when you lay it down) not going to sleep she asked me

“why does your baby go to sleep more easily in your carrier”

She cracks me up!

After seeing a new housing construction site a conversation started about “our next house”

Chanler and I were talking about things we wanted for our next house and I said I wanted a house without stairs (meaning one story) Then Jessaleigh pipes up from the back.

“They when they wanted to go up they would have to make a BIG jump.”

Love the mental picture of a house that is two stories but has no stairs…

While driving:

Jessaleigh: Why did you stop the car Daddy?

Daddy: Because there is a Stop sign.

Jessaleigh: What is it was a Go sign?