Dr. Appointments and Stats

Height: 34.75 in
Weight 28lbs 11oz

Some how doctor appointments get less and less interesting the longer between them or something. Jessaleigh is developing normally and growing well (well Duh!)

Errr actually 13 month check up, but close enough…

Weight: 21lbs 01oz
Length: 31.5 inches
Head Circ: 48cm

Either, because we are second time parents or because we changed doctors, there just isn’t much to tell about this appointment. Jessaleigh is growing well, and as usual wouldn’t show the doctor any of her tricks. Ah well.

We took a sick Jessaleigh to her “well baby” check today (somewhat ironic)

Height: 29in
Weight: 18lbs 8oz
Head Circ: 18.6 in

We are supposed to do some “routine” blood work (which we never had to do with Chanler, so I question how routine it is…), but can’t do that while she is sick so we have to take her back in a few weeks.

This appointment was with a new doctor at Kaiser. Our former pediatrician left Kaiser so we were high and dry for someone new. So far, I am not as happy with the new Dr as I was with Dr. Joesph. Dr Joesph was very laid back (or held the same opinion as we do) about most stuff (vaccinations, co-sleeping, weight gain, home schooling, extended breastfeeding, etc.) and left parenting decisions to the parents! I still miss her!!!!!

Height: 26.5 In 81st percentile
Weight: 16lbs 5.5oz 55th percentile
Head Circ: 17.76 in 97th percentile

At six months Jessaleigh can:

  • Sit up
  • Get up on hands and knees (or hands and toes)
  • Babble
  • Roll over in both directions
  • Crawl – but only backwards!

Jessaleigh at 4 months:
Weight: 14lbs 7oz (66th percentile)
Length: 24.75 In (68th percentile)
Head Circumference: 17 in (94th percentile)

Guess she is starting to take after daddy more !

Other than that the Dr’s appointment was entirely forgettable. No questions from our side, no issues from the Dr. So we were pretty much in and out.

Jessaleigh had her second appointment with Dr. Joseph today. Everything went well and she is doing great

Weight: 11lbs 13.5oz
Length: 23.5 In
Head: 16″

We did have a little snafu with her vaccination, but everything worked out in the end.

Jessaleigh had her first Dr. appointment today. She had the usual physical, plus we had the Dr. look at her right eye. She has had a blocked tear duct since birth and I think it got infected (which is pretty common.) Poor goopy eyed baby. So we now have some fun eye ointment and an appointment to go back for a 2 month check up! Other than the eye issues, Dr. Joseph said she is a very health and strong girl.

Weight in: 9lbs 12oz

On a surprising note – Kaiser and Dr. Joseph in particular were actually very cool about the whole home birth thing. Scott had to tell them 3 times she was not born at Kaiser, but at home. Of course we had to explain more times than that that Chanler was born in Redwood City Kaiser, not Santa Clara Kaiser . . . Go figure!