News and Annoucements

The big ONE

That’s right our Little Miss is one today! Where has the time gone?


At One Jessaleigh’s favorite things are:
Walking and trying to run
Wrestling, chasing, and generally pestering her brother
Eating and drinking from a straw
Peek A Boo

More Pictures

Within a week of her first steps Jessaleigh has decided that two footed mobility is better than crawling. Mostly because you can carry more stuff while walking…

She is still a bit prone to abruptly change elevation, but is determined to stand erect most of the time…

Still trying to catch her walking on video, but that would require that I have my camera with me at all times – which just isn’t a reality.

We got a good deal on some Robeez, and they were delivered tonight (go UPS, down with FedEx), and Jessaleigh proved that she is definitely all girl.

She was holding one of the shoes, and I was holding the other, and with a gleam of desire not to be denied in her eyes, she took three steps toward me and grabbed the other shoe. Up to this point the most that we have seen her take is one (being generous here) step at a time, usually followed by an abrupt seating maneuver.

Yes, that’s right, our daughter’s first steps were for shoes! This bodes ill for my checkbook 🙂

10 Months

Currently Jessaleigh has mastered:

  • Cruising
  • Two teeth
  • Climbing stairs and chairs
  • Thanksgiving dinner
  • Walking with a walking toy
  • Expressing displeasure and annoyance

9 Months...

New Tricks…
Standing and balancing without support!
Having enough hair to sport a bow (thanks in part to the man at home depot who – while she was wearing a purple dress – asked if she was a boy!!!)
Waving bye bye
Giving kisses

More Pictures

8 Months Old

At 8 months Jessaleigh is:
Pulling up to a stand (with some cruising)
“Talking” to you
Eating (anything and everything, especially if it has meat in it)
Banging things in her hands together (she particularly like to bang the heads of little people together)
Crawling head first off of high places (the bed, the couch, etc.)
Being a boy magnet!

You may notice that the pictures are um, shall we say it is no longer easy to get Jessaleigh to sit still to take a picture. As soon as you put her down she is off to find adventure or at least grab the camera!

If is official – we have a crawler (and in the forward direction)

Jessaleigh can now get up on hands and knees, rock back and forth and even move her hands and catch herself. Her pace is … well let just say her brother can still out pace her, but she will break glacier speed soon enough