Jessaleigh has decided her new favorite words are “tingy” (Tiny) and “why?”

Tiny is actually sort of funny because as long as you call something tiny she will like it. Why on the other hand is about to drive me crazy! I am so not ready for that stage again (I feel like we just finally got out of it with Chanler!)

Jessaleigh has learned to screech, shriek, scream and generally throw an impressive tantrum. The one small polishing touch she hasn’t figured out yet is the throwing herself on the floor part.

I am sure that is coming. (and boy do I wish I had ear plugs. I know Chanler learned the tantrum thing, but Jessaleigh is turning it into an art form. Not sure if that is a boy/girl thing or what…)

I am continually surprised just how much Jessaleigh understands. Jessaleigh has a few words, a few more signs and has always been able to get her point/desire across, but sometimes I forget just how much she understands of what we tell her.

Scott said to no one in particular this morning “OK lets go downstairs” and immediately Jessaleigh is heading toward the stairs (he didn’t point, and wasn’t near the stairs when he said it….)

On a random side note – Jessaleigh is destined to be an engineer… Scott says all engineers like Indian food and boy O’ boy does this girl love it too…

Jessaleigh is four and a half months old and desperately wants to figure out eating. I think right now she is mostly interested in cups (and by interested I mean any time a cup comes within a foot of her, she goes NUTS trying to get it) and things in my hands. She would probably have no idea what to do with it if we were to actually give her food, but she sure does a great impression of wanting what you’ve got.

Jessaleigh will be on the move. Right now she can roll over both ways, but only on the bed (she gets better traction there then on the rug), and hold her belly off the floor on hands and knees or hands and feet only. She is very strong! Now if she could just figure out how to move forward instead of scooting backward all the time (dram traction again) she would be gone.

My ban on pink is slipping! It started with pink accents, pink flowers, pink here and there. We did have some pink that was given to us, but for the most part my iron hand has been keeping the pink to a minimum (mostly jammies).

But then today, I actually bought PINK onesies myself!!!! Granted you had to get the pink ones because they were in the set with the brown ones, but still. That and we already had all the purple sets in other sizes.

Where will this lead too I can only cringe!

Jessaleigh has been having some rough days lately. I am really hoping that it is just teething that is bothering her and not something else (ears, heat, etc.)

She is usually the kid who never cries and people make jokes about her ability to make noise, but the last three days she has had screaming fits multiple times a day. It just breaks my heart (and wears on my nerves)

I am still shocked that we have a girl!!!! and now I feel the need to go get some cute girl clothes. Here are my problems with baby girl clothes (I won’t go into here, my issues with clothes for girls in general – i.e. the hoochie problem)

  • Everything is PINK
  • Everything that isn’t pink says Princess, Diva, Cutie, Sweetie, Cupcake or some other horrible thing
  • Girls have outfits and accessories, Boys can throw anything together and it is fine.
  • Shoes! what more do I have to say? (Chanler still only has 2 pairs of shoes each size/season)

I am afraid to even start looking!