Milestones and Firsts

Pedal Pedal

Jessaleigh made the jump to a pedal bike today. Chanler moved to a 20″ bike a few days ago and today Jessaleigh decided to give the 16″ a go. She was awesome! Just like her brother she was riding without help within 5-10 minutes. Still need to work on stopping without falling down and starting without help, but she is doing awesome for being one day in! I have to say the balance bike has been one of the best purchases we have ever made!

Let me start out by saying that Jessaleigh has be occasionally using the potty since she was 12 months old. First thing in the morning and when she asked etc. Not a potty training regiment, but just catching what we could.

Well a few weeks ago, just to prove that she is an entirely different child than her brother… Jessaleigh decided that she was done wearing diapers and wanted underwear full time. She was 2 year and 8 months old…

I have to say this isn’t exactly that I had “planned” either for method or timing, but I can’t complain (much.) She has really good at using the potty, but at the same time I have been more paranoid about accidents with her than I was (after the first week) with Chanler. Poor kid has to listen to me ask her about it way to often.

Jessaleigh has decided her new favorite words are “tingy” (Tiny) and “why?”

Tiny is actually sort of funny because as long as you call something tiny she will like it. Why on the other hand is about to drive me crazy! I am so not ready for that stage again (I feel like we just finally got out of it with Chanler!)

Yes we are that lucky! While Jessaleigh has the chicken pox she also cut her 6th (and working on the 7th) tooth. Now she has upper and lower central incisors, right upper lateral incisor, and (the new one) left bottom lateral incisor. It is a crooked smile, but a cute one!