At nearly 18 months Conrad’s vocabulary is astounding

He has the usual:

Mama – more often Mom (with a horrible teenage drawl)


Sibling names (RaRa, LiLi, Boo)

No, yes, all done, more, milk, water, nurse, eat, help, on, off, up, down (some with accompanying signs)

Hi, Bye (used in context, but often too shy,) that, this

Vroom (car,) ball, doggie, whee (slide,) go


But then he pulls out all these other words and picked up new ones after only one for two repetitions


Shoosh (shoes and some times socks)

Foof (feet)

Vii-nins (vitamins)

Ab-boo/Apple (used for almost any fruit)

Vin-nee (cousin’s dog)

Lella (our dog)

Stay (said to the dogs)

Boom (for most bonks)





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