Dr. Appointments and Stats

Stats: (WHO Percentiles) Weight: 16lbs 15oz (34.75%) Height: 26.5″ (37.34%) Head Circumference 18in. (96.48%)   I think this officially makes Conrad our “smallest” peanut, but he is growing and developing […]

Stats: Weight: 14lbs 11oz Height: 24 in Head Circumference: I know they checked, but they didn’t write it down…   Just another uneventful doctor appointment.

Stats: Weight: 12lbs 15oz Length: 22.5 InHead Circumference: 16.25 In Looks like Conrad is trying to match his big brother in the growth department.

As of today our “littlest” peanut is 11lbs! It feels like he is growing up too fast!