Blythe learned how to wave during church tonight. I don’t think anyone sitting behind us got anything out of the rest of the service!

It was actually wonderful to watch her learning. She stuck her hand out and was just staring at it (willing it to move even) and then it opened, and closed, and then opened again. Her face lit up and she started clapping. It was awesome!

My new joke about Blythe is that she was a termite in a past life…

For one thing almost every toy I let her play with (read chew on) is made of wood. She also is at the perfect height when seating in our high chair and positioned properly to gnaw on the table (which she LOVES to do). If you put her close enough to any table (home, friends, restaurant, etc.) she will immediately try to eat it! We actually had strangers laugh and tell us how cute she was, although I’m not sure they got my termite joke (but at least I think I’m funny)