Jesse Hraban

Weight: 12lbs 10oz
Length: 24.5in
Head Circ: 40.4cm

Nothing interesting to report… Blythe is growing well and doing fine!
She can coo, smile, follow faces, and hold her head up well.

Well our first Doctor appointment at Kaiser went smoothly (way better than I envisioned it!) Our pediatrician didn’t even flinch when I told her Blythe was born at home!

Weight: 11lbs 4oz
Height: 23 in
Head: 38.9cm

Somehow with a third you just don’t have anything interesting to talk to the Dr. about…

All the “official” paperwork (birth certificate and SSN application) are done – with a minimum of hassle to boot!

OK she is actually 16 days, but still…

as of today 9lbs 11oz!!!!

Gotta stop letting Scott feed her beer and pizza when I’m not looking 😉