More sewing accomplishments

I have almost finished (read I have to hem one side) the black out curtains for our bedroom.

As any parent of a small child knows the summer months are difficult because the sun is up until almost 9pm. And anyone with a bed time while the sun is still up will protest.

Most of the time (lately) Chanler has been going to be about 9 to avoid the said darkness problem. The only issue is that IF he doesn’t nap, then he can’t make it that late – he can only make it to about 7-7:30, but will still fight because of the light.

So I decided to make myself some blackout curtains from scratch. I bought some twin sheets (to match the color of our Ikea comforter) and black out material from Joann Fabric. This is a much bigger project than either of the two I have previously tried (hemming existing drapes and making throw pillows) and I maxed out on floor space to lay everything out.

But they are done (or at least functionally done) and they look good (as long as you don’t look too closely).

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