I have conquered my sewing machine . . .

Let me explain. “My sewing machine” is not actually mine, it is my mother-in-law’s that was permanently loaned to my sister-in-law who then had no room for it (darn babies need so much space;) ) so now it is living with me. It is OLD, really really old – which in some ways is good (it is made very solidly) and which also makes it a bit intimidating to use. It is also a brand I had never heard of (Elna) and that is hard to find parts for in a regular fabric store (you have to go to a real sewing machine store or shop on craigslist)

Anyway. Yesterday in a fit of homemakerness I hemmed my living room drapes (six of eight panels at least). They were originally from Ikea and are the “no sew” variety that they sell. Lets just say the “no sew” was not working for us.

Now they are perfect. the bottom almost grazes the floor, but doesn’t touch it. They are not too short (my biggest fear) and now kids can’t accidentally step on them. I am so proud.

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