25 Random Things

Meme from Facebook

1: I try to love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul and strength and fail each day
2: I am terrible at keeping in touch with people (and I am hoping Facebook changes that) I have very few long term friends as a result and I regret that.
3: I can’t spell my way out of a paper bag.
4: I am just a wee bit sarcastic. If you haven’t ever noticed that you don’t know me very well.
5: I was home schooled through high school and I plan to home school my children. (and no that has nothing to do with my spelling)
6: I always wished I had siblings. I once asked my mom if I could have an older brother.
7: I can’t help making references that I think are funny, even if no one else in the conversation gets them.
8: My son was born in a hospital after 26 hours of labor; my daughter was born in my bedroom after 3 hours of labor.
9: 9 is my favorite number because it is my birth date.
10: I love snarky tee shirts, but won’t wear them myself.
11: I am an overachiever and a bit OCD
12: I have had the names of my first 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls) picked out since I was 12 – the list has changed over the years. Now that I have 1 boy and 1 girl I only keep one of each on the “list”
13: My daughter isn’t actually named after me – I just couldn’t come up with another first sound that went well with Leigh that wasn’t already a name.
14: I obsess about how I could have changed things in the past while lying in bed at night.
15: I have an irrational fear that I will forget to count the number 15, so I almost always say it out loud.
16: I always wanted to be a mommy, but told everyone who asked I wanted to work because I knew it wasn’t socially acceptable to plan on raising children.
17: I didn’t get my ears pierced until I was 27.
18: I was a competitive gymnast until I was 15. I went to national championships 4 times.
19: My husband and my mom are my best friends
20: When I have strongly held opinions/beliefs and I find it difficult when people haven’t come to the same conclusion I have.
21: My favorite color has been black since I was a child.
22: I love symmetry
23: My greatest fears are looking stupid or failing.
24: My first car was a 1980 Datsun 200SX from my uncle (it was 1993) I crashed it within 6 months.
25: I am an extreme extrovert in situations where I know people, but introverted when I don’t know people.

Ever since I wrote thing I keep coming up with more interesting things I could/should have added… Oh well I am sure there will be another =]

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