I am a M.O.M.

Just a few of the things that make me a M.O.M.

Maker of Meals
Monitor of Miscreants
Marker of Memories
Modeler of Morality
Mourner of Monday
Mender of Minor-injuries
Manifester of Meanings
Maximizer of Money
Minimizer of Messes
Minder of Milestones
Molder of Minds
Moderator of Misunderstandings
Memorizer of Minutiae
Master of Mounds-of-Laundry
Motor-vehicle driver of Minors
Motivator of Motor-skills
Mollifier or Moods
Mover of Mountains
Marketer of Minerals and vegetables
Maintainer of Mementos
Mentor of Midgets
Multiplier of Minutes alone
Manufacturer of Mini-me’s
Monitor of Mobility

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