Toddler hat from Hell

As you know I made a lovely ten cable hat for the new baby (pictures coming once I have a suitable model *wink*) Well Chanler decided that he wanted a hat just like it . . . same color and everything. So back to the knitting store I went for more yarn.

To date
I have completely knit this hat once – it turned out two small, even after I adjusted the pattern and increased the number of stitches by 150%.
Revamped the pattern again (now up to 132 stitches) and cast on not once but 3 times.
Determined that I practice some personal form of pigeon knitting where I do knit stitches in the western method, but purl stitches in the combination knitting style. Meaning my purl stitches come out crossed on the inside of the work or when I switch from purl to knit. I also learned that combo knitting doesn’t work in the round and that I am going to have to figure out a new way to knit . . . grrrr
Cast on a final time, got to row 18 of the cabling and figured out that I had switched the last knit stitch on one of my cables to a purl stitch and then continued to follow the pattern (i.e. messing up any place where you change from purl to knit etc.) for 2 more cable sections. Oh yeah and the mistake was in row 10!
I think I have successfully recovered from that mistake, but I now have NO desire to pick up this project anymore (well other than to stop the whining about where “my (Chanler’s) hat is???”

This is why you shouldn’t do any complicated knitting at the end of pregnancy!

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