Funniest quote from Christmas 2007

I’ll post more later about Christmas, but I just had to memorialize this saying . . .

“So, squirrels are just rats with a blow dryer.”

We were driving through Palo Alto’s Christmas Tree lane; one house always has a nutcracker, princess and rat king. The Rat king is particularly scary because he has 4 faces/heads. Anyway Chanler is fascinated with nutcrackers this year and was talking about the nutcracker biting walnuts. He also wanted to know why they had a rat king out with the nutcracker. Trying to explain the idea of protagonist/antagonist. hero/villain, etc. was too much for him, he concluded that the rat king must have been trying to steal the nutcrackers walnut. Hence the change from rat king to squirrel king came about and the former statement (which is a take off of another favorite – squirrels are just rats with furry tails). Too funny. It probably also helps that 1) I hate squirrels, and 2) it was late

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