5 Months Old

At 5 months Blythe can:
Roll over front to back and back to front
Get her tummy off the ground (sort of)
Sit (as a tripod – bottom and 2 hands) for about 10 seconds unassisted
Spin in a complete circle
“Baby snow plow” to reach what she is after

Blyes likes:
Her toes
The happy apple toy
People talking to her

My new joke about Blythe is that she was a termite in a past life…

For one thing almost every toy I let her play with (read chew on) is made of wood. She also is at the perfect height when seating in our high chair and positioned properly to gnaw on the table (which she LOVES to do). If you put her close enough to any table (home, friends, restaurant, etc.) she will immediately try to eat it! We actually had strangers laugh and tell us how cute she was, although I’m not sure they got my termite joke (but at least I think I’m funny)

Blythe rolled over (front to back) yesterday for the first (and second and third, etc) time and now today she is working on back to front!

I guess she decided to make the most out of the little unhindered (by siblings) floor time she gets…

Weight: 12lbs 10oz
Length: 24.5in
Head Circ: 40.4cm

Nothing interesting to report… Blythe is growing well and doing fine!
She can coo, smile, follow faces, and hold her head up well.

Well our first Doctor appointment at Kaiser went smoothly (way better than I envisioned it!) Our pediatrician didn’t even flinch when I told her Blythe was born at home!

Weight: 11lbs 4oz
Height: 23 in
Head: 38.9cm

Somehow with a third you just don’t have anything interesting to talk to the Dr. about…