Happy New Year! 0

Hanging out at the Maker Faire 0

Monumental to-do list 0

Why is it that just when I start to think, even for a single moment, that I have things well in hand and under control that that is the moment something hits the floor (literally) – and usually it is either a bodily fluid or food… sigh.

Worst half hour of the last month! Jessaleigh gave herself a huge goose egg between the eyes. Meanwhile Blythe blows out a diaper as I try to console the screaming 2 year old. 0

Scott’s first day back at work! My first day alone with 3 kids! So far, everyone is dressed and eaten breakfast – no bad so far! 0

Thankful to have a 5 passenger vehicle again!! 0

Our new couches are finally here!!!!! Hooray!! 0