It has got to be genetic…

I have been noticing how different my two children are since Jessaleigh was born. Each time I it is amazing to me how they differ even when I try to treat them (for the most part) the same.

My most recent observation is that given a choice of toys:
Jessaleigh prefers people (i.e. Lego people, people figures from play sets, dolls, etc. – excluding stuffed animals occasionally, but that is a different topic entirely)

Chanler on the other hand will go for (and always has) the toy with wheels.

I guess deep down I am curious, are their preferences something I am doing/encouraging, is it gender related, or is it simply individual personality? The underlying question is why are they like this and is it nature or nurture… Very interesting to watch it played out in my living room everyday

I almost forgot two of Jessaleigh’s other favourites – Fisher-Price people (old school ones are the best) and of course SHOES

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  1. I have witness the same thing with my kids. We own ton of little people stuff that Dana loved and played with for days. But Xander will not give them the time of day he only wants cars and trains.


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