Pay Back

OK I just need to vent . . .

I realize that I am quite lucky that Jessaleigh sleeps, but now I am paying for it. I have a 10 week old and I just got my period back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This sucks! this isn’t supposed to happen for MONTHS. Not to mention the fact that the first 5 weeks postpartum shouldn’t count because you are still bleeding from the birth. So, I just get no break.

Oh yeah and the hormones that come with it are just GREAT. Just what I needed – some more hormones. . .


  1. Wait – you totally lucked out with Chanler if you got MONTHS off. With Ainsley I barely made it to 8 weeks before Aunt Flo came to visit. Breastfeeding and all…

  2. Michelle

    Wow, that does suck. I’ve almost forgotten what that part of womanhood is like since I’m still free of them. Went to the doctor and she asked when my last one was…I had to really think and realized, wow, that was a while ago!!!


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