Getting the hang of it???

I sure don’t feel like I am getting the hang of having two small children!
I am constantly feeling pulled in opposite directions, like I am neglecting the other child, like I can’t possibly meet both of their needs, like crying, guilty that I would prefer to sit on the couch with Jessaleigh than on the floor and play cars with Chanler, just guilty in general, like everything takes too long, etc. But here I sit, between two sleeping children . . . thinking that maybe, just maybe, things will be OK (not great mind you, but OK)

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  1. Ummm, I pretty much *never* want to get down and play cars. 😛 But don’t worry, it’ll get easier (just like the first baby got easier). I love having 2 kids. 🙂 And I’ll send you an email — we want to come down again and play this time. 🙂


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