What were we thinking???????

What were we thinking???????

We have a 2-3 week old, why again did we start major home projects?
It seemed like a good idea at the time. Since Scott was home we had time to find someone to do the work in the kitchen and to deal with them when they were here. But some how the slippery slope of projects has gotten the better of us.
We went from Kitchen counter and dining wall(all done by one group of people) to flooring and then realized that if we were having floors installed we really should replace the bathroom cabinet . . . how hard could that be? Right?
Now most of these projects we are not actually doing much of the work (for example – in the kitchen Scott only had to remove the light fixture, paint and replace the light fixture. The major demo and construction are being outsourced), but some how the parts that we are doing ALWAYS take 10 times longer that we thought.
We thought we could handle the bathroom vanity install ourselves, went to home depot got a new vanity et al. came home are realized that our existing plumbing was 1) sketchy and 2) in completely the wrong place. The bigger problem is that ALL the prefab vanities that we saw are the same general arrangement, so our plumbing was never going to work with any of them. Poor Scott has spent the last 2 days trying to get the plumbing under control so that we can finally install a cabinet. (hopefully by end of day today) Yesterday ended with finally getting the water turned back on ( at 11:30pm), 3 trips to home depot, and no hot water.

To conclude: we are not very bright! We ripped out our kitchen (i.e. we have no sink, prep space, etc.) and they decided to also remove the ONLY working sink downstairs. Why do we do this to ourselves? and of course there is always the timing deadline (must be done before 1) the floor guy come to install, and 2) Scott goes back to work – NEXT MONDAY) Hopefully we have just crammed all the annoyance and pain into a small space of time and will be happily living in our improved downstairs before we know it . . . cross your fingers for us!


Oh and I almost forgot – we have a now 3 week old and Chanler has the flu/croup!!!! could life get harder?

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