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I am a excalibur!

Excalibur Traits and Tendencies
Excalibur couples may battle just as much as other couples (and participate in more than their fair share of public huffs), but they look so good together, it outweighs any other deficiencies they may share. It isn’t that they’re classically good-looking, or similarly sized (though certainly both those pairings are permissible). It’s more that the aesthetic chord they strike satisfies in profound ways. Like gorgeously plated food or song filled with unusual harmonies, the wan and freckled hand-in-hand with the tragically tan, the pigeon-toed with the duck-walkers, these Excalibur couples achieve such perfection in their pairing that reminds the world that anything is possible.

Comfort Zone
Excalibur is in the Wind pose family. Other Wind poses you might enjoy include Softserve Swirl and The Ventriloquist.

Health Note
An unexpected rash or orthopedic adjustment can sometimes lead an Excalibur couple to fall out of balance. Physical adjustments may need to be made, or an entirely new pose could even be in order.

Find your own pose!

Welcome Baby Hanes

Well after months of checking for updates on their website Wendy and Jason Hanes have finally met their little girl – Ainsley Allen Hanes! She was born Saturday 4/15/06 at 8:01am (and that is all I know) Mom and baby are doing great!

Congratulations guys – She is beautiful!

Ok not really, but I was feeling melodramatic

Well it was my 29th (the first one I might add) birthday today. What a strange day. We had breakfast with friends (whom I have told my birth date before), but no one remembered to say happy birthday. Now mind you I am not real big on the restaurant singing thing or anyone making a huge deal, but it was still weird.

When we got home Scott offered me a present now or later, so of course I said now (why delay gratification). I should note I have been pining for a stand mixer for months now so I had my hopes up. Scott came down stairs with a wrapped box (unusual if you know Scott). It seemed very light so I was trying not to be disappointed. Well I opened it and it was a little tykes mixer – Scott wanted to make sure he got the right color so he brought me a “model” so I would know what my real gift was. He is so cute. Happy day – I got a black kitchen aid stand mixer with bowl-lift So now I am ready to bake/mix.

I have previously decided to make my favorite childhood dinner for my birthday (because I like it and to keep Grandma Blomquist from taking us out – another blog entirely) – pork chops and dumpling. I announced dinner was ready and everyone disappeared (except Scott who had Chanler sleeping on him) It was so bizarre. Grandma B when up stairs and my mom went to her car for something. I was left sitting alone at the table with steaming food. Not much of a celebratory dinner when everyone vamooses. Oh well – they showed up eventually and we did have a nice time.

I did manage to feel very akward and say the wrong thing about presents when my mom and grandma were there – Grandma didn’t realize it was my birthday and felt bad that she had forgotten. My mom got me an amazing gift (a weekend getaway to the Bodega Bay Lodge and Spa) but I didn’t want to let grandma know how big it really was because she would just feel more guilty. So I hope I didn’t hurt my mom’s feelings – I really am looking forward to an amazing weekend.

So it was a strange day, a good day, but not a really great day.

So we finally found a condo and are in the process of purchasing it.
I am sure I don’t need to tell anyone what a pain it is to find and afford real estate in California – it is just Painful!

Anyway we close in one week and we move in 2. So our house is half packed and not babyprooft at all. It is getting increasing tiring to try to keep Chanler out of everything!

At this point I just want to move and be done with it. I am excited about being in the new place (we bought all new kitchen appliances a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to use them) and I don’t want to deal with all my stuff in boxes all over the house any more. You really don’t realize HOW MUCH stuff you have until you have to pack and move it all!

ARGH 2 more weeks.

So we have been “house hunting” for the past two weekends – What a Pain! I am so tired of it and each time it is completly depressing, because of what we can/can’t afford.

It is very emotionally consuming to try to picture my stuff in a space and what I would want to do to it, only to find out the it was sold to someone else. I am just tired – and we haven’t even started packing – Joy

Not to mention that you have to bid over the asking price in almost every case – asking price – what a joke.

Living in California is crazy most if not all of the time!

I think we are coming out of the woods . . . the “no dairy” woods that is. We have been giving Chanler acidopholis for 2 weeks now and boy has it made a difference. I have been adding back dairy little by little and I got all the up to a glass of milk today! Yippee

So I have officially been “dairy free” for two weeks (plus the two weeks of the experimental/testing phase) I REALLY miss cheese, milk and most of all chocolate! But it is worth it if it really helps Chanler feel better (which it is hard to tell, since we don’t have a control group to test with =])

I never realized how much dairy I actually ate or how many things had dairy as an ingredient . . .

This no dairy thing is really quite a drag! but I will carry on!

How did this happen. I went to the hospital and they actually let me take a baby home . . . sureal!

Sometimes life has a nasty way of wearing you out . . . Lucky for me Scott has agreed to take a few days for us (just as a couple) to recouperate. I am SO excited. We are going to a B&B in South Lake Tahoe I can hardly wait for the weekend.

Today Scott and I officially became members of the church we have been attending for about two years. It is so nice to have found a church where we can feel at home. The great part about MPPC is that it is a large church, but we have still been able to develop a small church group of friends who we treasure!
For more info . . . check out MPPC