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Camping in the "heat"

Amazingly it worked out to get a Sibling camping trip together (minus David – Missed you!). We heated back to Caswell Memorial SP

What we like about this park:
It is on the Stanislaus River (this year we even managed to get a site with walk in river access)
It is between San Jose and Sacramento
Hot water to do the dishes
Family bathrooms and showers

Not so favorites:
It is dusty, dry and HOT!
Lots of bugs (though not many mosquitoes)
Non Assigned spaces
Cows in the river!!!

All in all the kids had a great time. We ran into some friends unexpectedly so Chanler was thrilled (they let him use their fishing pole!!) and we officially have the smallest family tent now! Ironic no?

Bye Bye Green Shug

We said goodbye today to our Green MDX and Hello to a Blue Honda Odyssey.

I am sad to see the MDX go! It was a great car and one that I loved to drive, but it just wasn’t set up for our family to use easily. It is difficult for me to feel “excited” about a minivan (even one with lots of cool features), just becase it is a minivan and it isn’t perfect. After many hours of research and many more trips to dealerships we decided that the Odyssey is the closest to what we want, but it is a far cry from what we wish were available.

Good bye old friend we will all miss you!

Boys and Dirt

We went camping with our friends the Robinsons this last weekend. We chose Portola Redwoods State Park because it is near by, shady, and generally nice. The kids had a blast! What more could you want than a whole hill side of dirt!
Boys and Dirt

We had a nice secluded spot (#42) the only down side was the incline to get up to (and therefore down from) the actual spot. Jessaleigh rolled down our hill a number of times!

We went for a short hike to the “old tree” (the largest in the park and one we had visited on our first trip to Portola Redwoods), checked out bananna slugs, listened to survivalist college students, and tried to generally keep track of all the children. Overall it was a lovely trip.

More Pictures

I almost forgot to mention that the camp ground was very buggy and when I say buggy I mean swarms of mosquitoes. We thought we did pretty well with bug spray and left with only one confirmed bite (on Scott of course). Today I am starting to think the Portola Redwood mosquitoes have some magical time delay in their bites. I have bites (or at least itchy spots) appearing all over or maybe I just caught some exotic rash…?

OK so that is obviously not true, but here is why…

We went out to dinner tonight (because I still haven’t made it to the grocery store…) in Willow Glen. On Tuesdays Willow Street Pizza has s “kids eat free” night. Which means I save $10 on dinner – yes that is 2 kids meals and yes they each finished a whole kids pizza!!!!!! Then literally just next door is Baskin Robins (we decided to get ice cream on a whim) on Tuesdays they have $1 scoop night!!!

What could be better than – free kids meals and cheap ice cream? I am sure you can think of something, but it was a very pleasant surprise to me today!

For next year…because every year I think “I’ll have to remember that for next year” so here are my notes – ignore if they don’t interest you!

4x Stuffing is a bit too much
3x Brocolli Caserole is not too much
No Veggie Plate – no matter how much you want one.
More meat and cheese
More Spinach Dip
Warm Olives
Buy Gladware for leftovers
No Peanuts

In spite of the list above we did have a very lovely Thanksgiving with family. 10 people in all including 3 kiddos!

So my “readers” (*cough* all 3 of you) may have noticed some new content on our (Scott’s and mine) blogs… As I mentioned in a previous entry we joined Facebook a few months ago, and I have become hooked on their “status.” It is just too much fun to actually keep updating it with what I am actually doing! So when we got new phones in October (yes I now can SMS – welcome to the 21st century I know) I really wanted to be able to update my FB status from my phone (cause I am sure everyone wants to know what I am doing all the time) Any way, long story short, the service I found to do updates (Twitter) can be set up (by my super cool computer man) to update my blog – how cool is that!!!!
So now everyone can see what I am up to, even if you aren’t on FB! (but why wouldn’t you be?)

Just a few of the things that make me a M.O.M.

Maker of Meals
Monitor of Miscreants
Marker of Memories
Modeler of Morality
Mourner of Monday
Mender of Minor-injuries
Manifester of Meanings
Maximizer of Money
Minimizer of Messes
Minder of Milestones
Molder of Minds
Moderator of Misunderstandings
Memorizer of Minutiae
Master of Mounds-of-Laundry
Motor-vehicle driver of Minors
Motivator of Motor-skills
Mollifier or Moods
Mover of Mountains
Marketer of Minerals and vegetables
Maintainer of Mementos
Mentor of Midgets
Multiplier of Minutes alone
Manufacturer of Mini-me’s
Monitor of Mobility

I think we are finally on the tail end of the “car accident that wasn’t” We have gotten:

  • the checks for our car seats
  • the car door repaired
  • the reimbursement for the rental car (while they were fixing the door for 10 days!)
  • bought the new car seats and installed them

The only remaining this I know of is getting our deductible back – who knows how long that will take.

On the car seat front
Jessaleigh is now in a Britax Boulevard. I am not entirely sure she likes it! She is very particular about the webbing harness straps not touching her skin, which makes it critical how you buckle her. My only other complained about the seat is the very small “comfort pads” at the neck. It is nearly impossible to keep them in place and protect all of her neck.

Chanler is now in a Britax Frontier. He has only had it for one day, but here are my first impressions.
It also has very small neck pads (way too small!), the straps annoy me (the buckles get lost at the bottom of the seat), the seat bottom is very long (Chanler can’t bend his knees), it has NO working cup holder (which was a great feature of his last seat) and the arm rest are a joke. Still trying to convince myself that this is the right seat. All the things I dislike about it are cosmetic, the reasons we choose this seat over getting the old one again were safety related and I still think they are valid. I just wish the cosmetic things were better. *sigh*

Some useful links if ever you need to replace your car seats!