Jessaleigh had her second appointment with Dr. Joseph today. Everything went well and she is doing great

Weight: 11lbs 13.5oz
Length: 23.5 In
Head: 16″

We did have a little snafu with her vaccination, but everything worked out in the end.

We have been busy as you may have guessed. Here are some of the things that Jessaleigh does:

  • Smiles (and it is very sweet – her whole face lights up when she smiles at you)
  • Laughs
  • Hold her head up (most of the time)
  • Makes the cutest noise when she almost sneezes (I call it her aborted sneeze noise – kinda like ah . . . ah . . . ah . . . gooooo
  • Has terrible newborn acne (Chanler never got this. This is also why birth announcement aren’t out yet. We took some pics pre acne, but wanted one with a smile, but by the time she was smiling she looked like she had some nasty skin condition. As soon as her skin clears up birth announcements will follow)
  • Sleeps like a champ (she wakes up once between midnight and 8am. I think I technically lose more sleep because of big brother rather than newborn)
  • Loves staring at our torchiere lamp (Jessaleigh will stare at a lit torchiere lamp forever. She will also stare an a unlit lamp forever waiting for it to turn on. She like lamps so much I have started referring to our lamps up stairs as “lampy” so that they feel more like part of the family)

Time Flies

Little Miss Jessaleigh is 1 month old!!!! Where has the time gone?

See Jessaleigh can hardly believe it too

Jessaleigh had her first Dr. appointment today. She had the usual physical, plus we had the Dr. look at her right eye. She has had a blocked tear duct since birth and I think it got infected (which is pretty common.) Poor goopy eyed baby. So we now have some fun eye ointment and an appointment to go back for a 2 month check up! Other than the eye issues, Dr. Joseph said she is a very health and strong girl.

Weight in: 9lbs 12oz

On a surprising note – Kaiser and Dr. Joseph in particular were actually very cool about the whole home birth thing. Scott had to tell them 3 times she was not born at Kaiser, but at home. Of course we had to explain more times than that that Chanler was born in Redwood City Kaiser, not Santa Clara Kaiser . . . Go figure!

Today was the big day for getting all of Jessaleigh’s “official documents” done. We met our midwife at the vital records office and signed her birth certificate. That took an hour, then we headed to the social security administration. We were prepared/expecting this to be an ordeal. I have heard horror stories about getting a SSN for a child born at home from many of my friends. Anyway we decided to go to the Campbell location, because they had better parking than downtown. We got there at 11am, got helped by 11:15 and were finished by 11:30. NO HASSLES!!!! The person helping us only asked if we had applied for an SSN at the hospital, when I said Jessaleigh was born at home she said – oh OK. No questions, nothing. She was actually more confused by Scott’s name change than by the home birth stuff. So our little girl is now officially a cog the the wheel, just like the rest of us.

So we had a 2 week check up with our midwife today. Little miss Jessaleigh isn’t so little . . . she weighed 9lbs 5 oz. That is over a 1lb gain in only 2 weeks. I think she is trying to out do her big brother.

I am still shocked that we have a girl!!!! and now I feel the need to go get some cute girl clothes. Here are my problems with baby girl clothes (I won’t go into here, my issues with clothes for girls in general – i.e. the hoochie problem)

  • Everything is PINK
  • Everything that isn’t pink says Princess, Diva, Cutie, Sweetie, Cupcake or some other horrible thing
  • Girls have outfits and accessories, Boys can throw anything together and it is fine.
  • Shoes! what more do I have to say? (Chanler still only has 2 pairs of shoes each size/season)

I am afraid to even start looking!