9 Month “well baby” check up

We took a sick Jessaleigh to her “well baby” check today (somewhat ironic)

Height: 29in
Weight: 18lbs 8oz
Head Circ: 18.6 in

We are supposed to do some “routine” blood work (which we never had to do with Chanler, so I question how routine it is…), but can’t do that while she is sick so we have to take her back in a few weeks.

This appointment was with a new doctor at Kaiser. Our former pediatrician left Kaiser so we were high and dry for someone new. So far, I am not as happy with the new Dr as I was with Dr. Joesph. Dr Joesph was very laid back (or held the same opinion as we do) about most stuff (vaccinations, co-sleeping, weight gain, home schooling, extended breastfeeding, etc.) and left parenting decisions to the parents! I still miss her!!!!!

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