We were driving today and stopped at a light next to a bus stop with four men waiting.

Jessaleigh: Me see people… Outside!
Mommy: Yes
Jessaleigh: Waiting
Mommy: What are they waiting for?
Jessaleigh: Money!!
Mommy (laughing so hard I am trying not to cry) Oh honey, I think they are waiting for the Bus…

Jessaleigh just pointed to a picture of her Uncle David (no motorcycle in the picture I might add) and said

“Dat vroom, vroom, vroom”*

Seriously she hasn’t seen him since August… I guess sitting on his motorcycle made an impression (should we be worried?)

*the vr sound could also have been interpreted as a b or br. Jessaleigh’ first syllable wasn’t totally clear. Either way it is funny though

Some of Jessaleigh’s hair is finally long enough to ponytail and I just couldn’t resist. At least this way it looks like her hair is sticking up on purpose – otherwise she just looks like she has cockatiel hair all the time

One of Jessaleigh’s favorite people to play with is “window baby” or “mirror baby”. She just loves to watch that baby in the reflection! (And give them kisses)

Jessaleigh always wants to be like her big brother. For months now we have gotten looks and protests when she didn’t receive the same thing he did (mostly about food).

Recently (because I hardly ever remember to actually sign to her) Jessaleigh has developed some personalized signs. She will reach at something while opening and closing her hand and sometimes whine for it. She is actually very good at getting her point across.

Tonight while we were having pizza for dinner, Scott reached for the second to last piece of pizza for Chanler. Immediately Jessaleigh reaches for the remaining piece demanding that she get it. (She was greatly dismayed when she didn’t get it – because she isn’t eating tomatoes yet – and Daddy ate it instead)

Jessaleigh figured out drinking through a straw in one try. As in, Jesse says, “when do kids figure out to drink with a straw?” and I decide to get started down that road. Put it in her mouth and boom, water up the straw right then and there. Haven’t been able to get the cup away from her since!