Milestones and Firsts

Jessaleigh started spinning (mostly) in place today. Of course Chanler immediately wanted me to put on her spinning dress, but we haven’t gotten there yet.

All I want for my birthday is my two front teeth, my two front teeth, my two front teeth…

On the eve of her first birthday Jessaleigh finally got a third tooth (front top). Just in time to make the night one of her worst! Up until almost 3am is not the best way to ring is your birthday! She seems to have recovered from it, now mommy and daddy need to dig up the energy to chase our little one year old all day.

Love you baby, but not the lack of sleep!

We got a good deal on some Robeez, and they were delivered tonight (go UPS, down with FedEx), and Jessaleigh proved that she is definitely all girl.

She was holding one of the shoes, and I was holding the other, and with a gleam of desire not to be denied in her eyes, she took three steps toward me and grabbed the other shoe. Up to this point the most that we have seen her take is one (being generous here) step at a time, usually followed by an abrupt seating maneuver.

Yes, that’s right, our daughter’s first steps were for shoes! This bodes ill for my checkbook 🙂

Jessaleigh figured out drinking through a straw in one try. As in, Jesse says, “when do kids figure out to drink with a straw?” and I decide to get started down that road. Put it in her mouth and boom, water up the straw right then and there. Haven’t been able to get the cup away from her since!

Hello Teeth, Good Bye Toothless Grin 🙁

So I think I can finally see one of Jessaleigh’s bottom teeth (with another not far behind). After starting “teething” behavior at 3 months we are finally seeing some progress…

I haven’t gotten a good look because any time I put my finger in her mouth she starts to scream, but I am pretty sure I felt/saw one tonight.

I think its official Jessaleigh can sit up by herself (at not tip over for awhile). She has been trying to sit up forever it seems, but now I can put her on the floor and walk away for a moment with fearing for her safety. She still tips over eventually, but can catch herself if she goes sideways. Tipping backward is the only real concern and Jessaleigh seems to be OK as long as she in on a soft (rug or pillow) surface.