Cute Things

Jessaleigh now gives kisses (when SHE wants to). She mostly prefers to “kiss” foreheads or cheeks (I guess that is where she gets kissed the most), but occasionally will go for your mouth. Jessaleigh kisses look like this – open your mouth as wide as you can and then hang your tongue out. They are a bit sloppy, but wonderful!

We started Jessaleigh on O’s (i.e Cheerios only organic,etc.) last Monday. Day 1 she loved to eat them, but couldn’t get them into her mouth by herself. By day 4 she has figured out that if you grab a big enough handful that your chances of getting O’s into your mouth are much better. She currently looks just like her brother – shoveling O’s into her mouth as fast as she can!

Jessaleigh also started waving this week. She will hold her fist out to you (in a power to the people sort of way) and then slowly try to open her fingers (with no regard for which direction her hand is facing). She get very excited when you realize she is waving and wave back to her.

After a very long day we went out to dinner tonight. Jessaleigh was in a high chair at the end of our booth. During the course of dinner our little miss Jessaleigh was gawked over by the server and hostess of course. The funnier part were the two (count ’em 2) young BOYS (about age 2 or 3) that visited our table to smile at and ogle her.

She was in heaven

Fulfilling his brotherly duty, Chanler “came to her rescue” to fend off one of the suitors (the second one, named Owen, was 3 and a half, and used to be 1, then 2, then now he was this big at 3!! – he was VERY friendly). Jessaleigh herself bopped the first one in the kisser before his parents came to collect him.

What are we going to do when she is a teenager?


And now Jessaleigh has found her toes. They are great fun to grab and hold.

Recently Jessaleigh has found her thumb and loves to suck on it. I am not quite sure how I feel about the prospect of thumb sucking, but am hopeful that it will not become a pattern for long. For now, tons of people have told me how cute it is that she is sucking her thumb???? I have no idea why it is cute?

Strange behavior

Jessaleigh is starting act more like her brother did in the wanting to know what is going on all around category. One of the funny things that she will do is to try to see behind or above her head. She does this mainly while laying down, she will arch her back as far as she can or until she sees whatever is making the noise out of site. You can also catch Jessaleigh moving her head from side to side trying to figure out what is touching her head. She is really funny to watch when she is at it!

We have been busy as you may have guessed. Here are some of the things that Jessaleigh does:

  • Smiles (and it is very sweet – her whole face lights up when she smiles at you)
  • Laughs
  • Hold her head up (most of the time)
  • Makes the cutest noise when she almost sneezes (I call it her aborted sneeze noise – kinda like ah . . . ah . . . ah . . . gooooo
  • Has terrible newborn acne (Chanler never got this. This is also why birth announcement aren’t out yet. We took some pics pre acne, but wanted one with a smile, but by the time she was smiling she looked like she had some nasty skin condition. As soon as her skin clears up birth announcements will follow)
  • Sleeps like a champ (she wakes up once between midnight and 8am. I think I technically lose more sleep because of big brother rather than newborn)
  • Loves staring at our torchiere lamp (Jessaleigh will stare at a lit torchiere lamp forever. She will also stare an a unlit lamp forever waiting for it to turn on. She like lamps so much I have started referring to our lamps up stairs as “lampy” so that they feel more like part of the family)