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Time Flies

Little Miss Jessaleigh is 1 month old!!!! Where has the time gone?

See Jessaleigh can hardly believe it too

Today was the big day for getting all of Jessaleigh’s “official documents” done. We met our midwife at the vital records office and signed her birth certificate. That took an hour, then we headed to the social security administration. We were prepared/expecting this to be an ordeal. I have heard horror stories about getting a SSN for a child born at home from many of my friends. Anyway we decided to go to the Campbell location, because they had better parking than downtown. We got there at 11am, got helped by 11:15 and were finished by 11:30. NO HASSLES!!!! The person helping us only asked if we had applied for an SSN at the hospital, when I said Jessaleigh was born at home she said – oh OK. No questions, nothing. She was actually more confused by Scott’s name change than by the home birth stuff. So our little girl is now officially a cog the the wheel, just like the rest of us.

Jessaleigh Andreas Hraban finally decided to make her appearance late groundhog day, but unlike Punxsutawney Phil, Jessaleigh has no option of hiding from her shadow.

Born at home, Saturday February 2nd 10:49pm
Weight 8lbs 4oz
Length 20in