News and Annoucements

Jessaleigh ate some banana today!

We tried some avocado last week, but it came right back out with a thrust of the tongue, but this week banana was a go. Jessaleigh made some very interesting faces when the banana would first go into her mouth, but still wanted more to try. Such a silly girl.

Pictures to come (when I get them off my camera)

I know I have mentioned it before, but now we have finally caught Jessaleigh rolling over on “film.” She has been able to do this for weeks, but doesn’t seem to want to very often. I guess it is a personality thing.

I think its official Jessaleigh can sit up by herself (at not tip over for awhile). She has been trying to sit up forever it seems, but now I can put her on the floor and walk away for a moment with fearing for her safety. She still tips over eventually, but can catch herself if she goes sideways. Tipping backward is the only real concern and Jessaleigh seems to be OK as long as she in on a soft (rug or pillow) surface.

5 Months

At 5 months Jessaleigh likes to

  • Try to crawl
  • Try to talk to you (especially daddy – he is hilarious)
  • Suck her thumb
  • Drool
  • Chew on anything – especially spoons
  • Sit up (although she isn’t so good at staying up)
  • Watch her brother
  • Be within sight of Mommy at all times (more on that later)
  • Stare at you until you look at her – then she smiles like a loon
  • Not be in the car seat
  • Make you feel guilty for not sharing your food with her
  • Wake up blowing raspberries

All in all she is precious!

More Pictures

4 Months

Well, our little girl is 4 months old today.

We have a Doctors appointment later this week so I will be able to update you all on her stats soon. Jessaleigh is still doing most all of the things she was doing at 3 months only with more voracity and intent.

Jessaleigh rolled over tonight!!!!!!

I put her on the bed tummy down and she rolled herself over to her back. Now with Chanler we weren’t particularly impressed with the direction of rolling (front to back as opposed to back to front) because he stared doing it at 3 weeks.

Chanler’s Method of rolling front to back:
1) Push your head up as high as possible (the first step to all of Chanler’s methods)
2) Wait until one of your arms gives out
3) When said arm gives out swiftly roll to that side and look amazed

Jessaleigh’s Method:
1) Scooch forward while leaving your arm stationary. This will eventually get your arm under your body.
2) Continue scooching until you have your shoulder beginning to follow your pinned arm
3) This is where it gets tricky – keep scooching although you will loose traction on the leg opposite to the pinned arm.
4) Kick said leg into the air as high can
5) With the combination of scooching and kicking you will eventually roll over.

Our kids are amazingly different even at this age!

Jessaleigh doesn’t get much time on the floor (partly because she is a second child and partly because we just put down wood floors.) She has great head control even without tons of tummy time, but recently I have noticed that when she is on the floor – she can really move herself. She plows face first across her blanket in no time and can even scrunch up and get her stomach of the ground. So much for my second being mellow and not getting around to crawling until late . . .

3 Months

Jessaleigh’s favorite things to do at 3 months.

  • Sit up. Jessaleigh will try to sit up by “crunching” whenever she is even slightly in an inclined position
  • Drool
  • Chew on anything she can get into her mouth (her hands, other peoples fingers, burp cloths, toys, etc.
  • Sleep

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