Jesse Hraban

10 Months


At 10 months Conrad can:

Pull up to a stand

Cruise along furniture

Stand and balance for a few seconds

9 months

Not much to report more than at 8 months.  Conrad is moving, exploring and vocalizing more every day.  He loves to have a toy in each hand (Legos are his preference) and check out all the things around the house he isn’t supposed to be getting into.



8 Months


At 8 months Conrad can :
Transition from sitting to hands and knees
Pull up to a stand

Toof proof

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2000" caption="First Tooth"]image[/caption]

Photographic proof of a first tooth

Found a tooth with my finger, but haven’t seen it yet. 



Conrad is beginning to crawl with actual forward motion.  My favorite part is the full arm circle that is required for each hand movement.