Wish this was on video . . .

During our bible study group tonight, Scott was holding Chanler and randomly broke in to the children’s Sunday school song – “the B. I. B. L. E.” because Chanler was standing on Scott’s bible. Too funny, especially if you know how quiet Scott usually is.

We made a pit stop and Fry’s (computer store) today and just for fun we tried to weigh Chanler on their scales (because we don’t have a functional scale at home)

Well he weighs somewhere between 13.5 and 15lbs acording to the “very accurate” scales there =]

We went for Chanler’s two month check-up this morning.

Weight: 12lbs 15oz
Height: 23 in
Head Circ: 16 in

According to the dr. he is doing great and acting like a 4 month old (whatever that means . . .)
The worst part of the visit was his first round of shots, but he did fine there too – just a bit of crying then right back to sleep!

His next appointment is at 4 months . . . we are going to have to find some way to weigh him in between!


Chanler gave us his first real (social) smile this week . . . he is SO cute!

Here he is a few days later smiling for the camera

Chanler had is first Pediatrician appointment today with Dr. Joseph. Everything looks good. He weighed 9lbs 14oz!!!

Chanler showed the Dr. how strong he is (head & neck control) and even tried to have a conversation with her! (She was suprised he was vocalizing so early!)


In case anyone had any worries about Chanler’s weight gain, worry no longer. A little known fact is that babies lose some weight in the few days following their birth, and usually regain birth weight within two weeks. Chanler dropped down to 7 lbs. 6 oz. by Sunday, March 6th. He impressed us and the nurses by gaining back 4 oz. Sunday night alone, and 14 oz. between Monday and today at our one week checkup.

He now weighs 8 lbs. 8oz., and if he continues at this rate, he will be a forty pound baby by June! Choice quotes from the nurse:

  • Are you sure you brought the same baby today?
  • Is dad feeding him pizza and beer when you aren’t looking?
  • Well I don’t think that we need to worry about his eating.