Bed time praying/singing

The other night I was putting Chanler to sleep, and he started singing – at first just nonsense words, at least nothing that I could make out.

Then he started singing a prayer – “Thanks for making Mommy, thanks for making Chanler, thanks for making Daddy, thanks for making Jessaleigh, God. Thanks for making our car, thanks for making our house, thanks for making books, thanks for making the men in the books that go bang, bang, bang. Thanks for making hands, thanks for making feet, thanks for making legs, because we need legs to walk. Thanks for making everything, thanks for making the sun, thanks for making toys.”

There was more, but I don’t remember all the things that he thanked God for making – and there were some repeats of course. He also thanked God for making Jesus a couple of times – we will have to clear that theological conundrum later 🙂

It is good to know that seeds are being planted, makes it all worthwhile!

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