I'm a Big Brother!

I’m a Big Brother!

Chanler is being a great big brother 🙂

Shortly after Jessaleigh was born, we woke him up so he could meet his new little sister – he was clearly in awe of her! After he woke up a little and stared at her for a while, he decided that she needed some clothes – he knows right where her clothes are, so he ran over and got out a sleeper and some socks, and then decided that she needed some pants – so he got her some of his – I think they are just about as long as she is!

He loves to bring her toys and stuffed animals, and he is being very good at bringing her baby toys – but of course he really thinks that we should be letting her eat food.

He loves to hold Jessaleigh, and if she is fussy, he tells her softly that she is OK – so cute. Last night while he was holding her, he kissed her on the head and said, “I love Jessaleigh, I love my little sister.” Sure made my eyes misty, and I don’t think that was from lack of sleep!

Of course being a big brother brings on more responsibility – now instead of, “I can do it, I’m a big boy” when he wants to do something that we think is a little beyond his reach, it is “I’m a big brother!”

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